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When Jesus instructed His disciples regarding the economics of His Kingdom He used parables to simplify the truth. The parable of the talents in Matt. 13 is summarized in vs. 12: "to him who has more will be given, and to him who has not, even what he has will be taken away." Does it sound like God is being fair? Yes and no. According to the bible, God is just, righteous, and merciful, but that doesn't always mean He is considered fair by mans standards.

In this parable Father God is likened to the vineyard owner - a businessman expecting a return on His investment. He is looking for productivity from both His vines and His workers. He rewards good stewardship and punishes poor stewardship. As a businessman myself, I can relate to stewardship. I too am looking for a return on my investment. I too reward faithful workers with periodic wage reviews, and raises. I also punish unfaithful, or slothful, workers by giving them pay cuts, or in some cases firing them. I do this for the sake of survival -- of myself and my business. If I did not reward and/or punish I would probably lose my business.

Even if you don't own a business yourself, keep in mind that you are a family member of the household of God, and our heavenly Father does. His intention is to help all of His children to grow into maturity by learning how to become productive workers ... doing all to the glory of God. The possibility of failure is essential to human growth -- both in heaven and on earth. Without risk there can be no reward. Isaiah 26:9 tells us that "when judgment comes it teaches people righteousness." The problem is that so few of us have experienced God's providential judgment upon our lives that we are somewhat spoiled. As my pastor, Tommy Barnett, has often said "if we don't listen to God's voice in mercy, we will listen in judgment."

So, let's learn from our heavenly Father, the businessman, how to become better businessmen and women that we might demonstrate to the lost world that Christian business people are the best business people on earth.

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