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Your money represents your life, your work, and your time. In fact, money is actually time in foldable, or tangible form. As Christians we are told "redeem the time for the days are evil." Therefore, we are called to redeem both our time and our money. How do we do this?

Most people agree that money always seems to be in short supply, yet we all have the exact same amount of time -- why the discrepancy? We all must make choices regarding how we spend our time and our money. According to the Bible, redeeming the time means prioritizing our life to bring it in synchronization with His will. Redeeming our money is no different. From God's perspective there is no shortage of capital in the kingdom of God. Our goal must be to walk in His will for our life and work all we can, save all we can, and give all we can.

One of the roadblocks to seeing God's financial provision in our lives is a lack of long term perspective. Previously we have discussed that God is a businessman who is looking for a return on His investment. His investment includes everything on the planet -- including each of us in the family of God. Short-term thinking and living has short-circuited our whole society. The "nanosecond 90's" have created a new set of priorities that do not line up with God and, as Christians, we must guard ourselves from getting caught up in the rush.

God is into building things that last over time: individuals, families, cities and nations. He is patient, long suffering, and merciful. We are told in scripture that He delights in giving us the desires of our heart -- when we delight ourselves in Him. Spending quality time with the Lord is one of the best investments that you can make in your life, your family, and your pocketbook.

My wife, Melissia, and I spend our first moments together each day with our Lord. This investment in our marriage, and our relationship with God, has paid hefty dividends over the years. Our time with the Lord has helped keep our marriage strong, it has also demonstrated to our children that Jesus really is the LORD of our lives -- even if we occasionally get into a little fight.

I would like to remind you today that in eternity, time and money will become distant memories: Dedicate your time and money to the kingdom of God and watch God work his miracle multiplication!

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