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Did you know that the Bible has more verses that discuss money than it does verses that discuss salvation? That's right, I've counted over 783 direct references to gold, silver, and money!

But how do you measure true wealth? Money? Things? Relationships? Happiness? The Bible promises us the power to create wealth (Deut. 8:18), however, we should never boast in wealth (Ps. 49:6) but rather, in our redemption by the Lord.

I am a Christian businessman from Phoenix, Arizona with a deep burden to see Christians begin to recover their true wealth which God has promised for His children if we obey His Word.

The scriptures tell us that true wealth is a tool to advance the Kingdom of God. Wealth is created by hard work and good stewardship, not only for our own benefit but to help others (I Cor. 10:24). The mistaken notion that work is a curse is not taught in the Bible. Gen. 1:28 tells us that man and woman were created to work -- tending to the Lord's garden diligently. The N.T. tells us that if we do not work, we do not eat. So, if we are going to work in eternity, we might as well learn to enjoy work now.

From God's perspective, you may just discover that you are wealthier than you thought! We are admonished to stop comparing our wealth to the world systems wealth which is very often empty and deceptive, and to begin seeing true wealth from God's perspective. Remember: The way that we handle our money speaks louder than our words.

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