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GOD'S SYSTEM: Beginning in Genesis (13:2) the scripture associates the blessing of wealth given by God to Abraham as consisting of four primary substances: 1. Gold, 2. Silver, 3. Land, and 4. Livestock. Gold and silver have been the money of choice for centuries because they fulfill the godly characteristics of true money. True money must be scarce, portable, divisible, and maintain a store of value.

MAN'S SYSTEM: From the beginning of recorded history man has taken true money (or substance) and sought to counterfeit it with everything from clay tablets to electronic blips on the computer screen. Our modern credit/debt system originated in 5000 B.C. in Babylon. Babylonian bankers loaned out credit (which they "create" from thin air) and then charged interest or usury on top of it! Notice that credit and debt are intangibles, and can be easily manipulated by the powerful to enrich themselves at everyone's expense.

Our whole modern banking system is patterned after the Babylonians and is based on the premise that God's laws are not true. Therefore, bankers have the divine right to create credit as a money substitute. Sadly, most of us have given our consent to the Babylonian banking system -- without understanding the consequences. Let me summarize:

   Remember that true wealth is always based on substance!

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