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Inflation is a like deadly virus attacking the world's money system. Over the last 70 years the U.S. dollar has shrunk to less than 50 cents in buying power. Yes, it has been gradual, but then so is AIDS. The outcome is still the same -- the death of a nation.

Interestingly, the Bible foretells of the consequences of inflation in Haggai. 1:5 "You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it." Does this sound familiar? Where has all the buying power of our money gone?

I will tell you a secret that less than one in a million people understand. I will tell the truth about inflation. First, let's read Webster's definition of inflation: "Inflation is the abnormal increase in available currency and credit, resulting in a rise in price levels." Now this definition is fairly accurate except that it does not identify the root problem -- disobeying God's economic laws.

For example, for nearly 150 years inflation was almost nonexistent in this nation. WHY? The reason is we obeyed the scriptural mandate to have "a just weight and measure" backing our money system. Simply put, if you go into the store to buy a pound of cheese, you expect that there is a standard of weight that assures you of getting your moneys worth. Right? In the same way, our Founding Fathers included strict guidelines in the Constitution that would assure the citizens that money would consist of an honest weight of gold or silver. Around the turn of the century the banking establishment (along with the government) decided to abandon Gods laws for a stable, prosperous economy and gradually began confiscating a portion of the citizens wealth by printing more currency than there was gold or silver to redeem. This may seem forgivable (during a war or national emergency) but as soon as we begin bending God's rules we are allowing Satan a foothold in our lives.

Lenin understood the deceptive power of monetary inflation when he said, "the best way to destroy the capitalist system is to destroy the currency.. by continuing inflation governments can secretly confiscate the wealth of the citizens. This process engages all of the hidden forces of destruction in a manner that not one in a million can diagnose." Perhaps this is why John Adams told the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that of all the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.

What can be done to fight inflation?

1. Pray that our government leaders would repent of our godless money system and return to a just weight and measure-before judgment comes!

2. Listen to John Adams advice: learn about coin, credit, and circulation.

3. Protect your money from inflation by converting a portion of your paper currency into a "just weight and measure" money-gold and silver.

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