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Have you ever wondered just how prosperous you would be if instead of paying higher prices every year for goods and services, you were able to pay LESS? Believe it or not, that is actually God's blueprint for economic prosperity. It only makes sense that as we harness technology, and knowledge increases, so should our productivity. Ultimately this should allow us to produce things for less and less. Yet, just the opposite seems to be true. Why? One word... Inflation.

For most people, man's money system is very deceptive and confusing. This is why no one seems to be able to solve the inflation problem.

I have discussed the root cause of inflation -- disobedience to God's economic laws. Is there a way to beat inflation? Yes, or at least, protect yourself by exchanging man's inflationary credit instruments for God's money-which is 100% inflation-proof.

Let me give you an example that will put things into perspective. I have a twenty dollar BILL in one hand, and, a twenty dollar GOLD COIN in the other. Which one is more valuable? ... The gold coin, of course ... But they WERE of equal value just 60 years ago. You see, due to inflation, the twenty-dollar BILL has actually shrunk to LESS than a buck and a half in buying power, while the twenty-dollar GOLD coin has grown to SIX HUNDRED dollars in buying power! What happened? Did the price of gold skyrocket? No! The value of God's money is unchanging ... like His character. Did the value of the paper money shrink? Yes, yes, yes! So much for the phrase "sound as a dollar." My point is that the GOLD coins appear to APPRECIATE over time, but in reality the PAPER money is becoming more and more WORTHLESS.

If you are interested in halting the devastation of inflation you must convert a reasonable portion of man's money (paper, credit) into God's money (gold, silver). This is the only way to inflation-proof your money. As a bonus you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are obeying the scripture which requires Christians to operate with a just and honest money system. Who knows. If this catches on perhaps we can begin conducting transactions with each other using God's money and soon discover that the prices of goods and services are shrinking, rather than the value of our paper money, which may soon shrink to nothing at all.

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