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What is economic evangelism? It is one of the greatest opportunities in the days ahead and the redemptive use of our resources to proclaim and advance the kingdom of God. The Bible is full of examples of godly men who used their wealth to spread the truth -- men like Joseph, Daniel, Solomon, David, and so on.

Businessmen and business women I want to speak to you directly. I believe that you are the key players in the next move of God. Not that pastors, or evangelists, teachers or prophets are any less important, but I'm convinced that the next revival will touch businessmen in a new and fresh way that will send our nation back to its knees seeking God. Here's why:

1. Businessmen have oppertunities.Increasingly, the church is facing the spirit of Antichrist and walls have gone up against traditional methods of preaching the gospel in the public arena. But not for businessmen. The world is now open to Christian businessmen who can use their influence and business contacts to reach out to the lost both here in the U.S. and abroad.

2. Businessmen understand efficiency. When it comes to maximizing results with minimal resources today's successful businessmen are true leaders. Remember the horror that faced the disciples right after the crucifixion of Jesus? It was a businessman, Joseph of Aramathia, who secured the tomb and took care of the details of Jesus burial (Matt. 27: 57-60).

3. Businessmen have resources at their disposal. Joseph is a perfect example of a man with the resources, and the love of God who offered his services to help the struggling, leaderless church move to the next step. Today God is raising up an army of Joseph's who will help the church breakthrough to the next step.

Today there are thousands of opportunities to give to your church and advance the gospel ... but every one of them takes money. The Bible speaks of the spiritual gift of "giving" as every bit as valid as preaching or teaching. Businessmen, stop asking God for more gifts and start using the one that He has already given you. Only when we use what we have are we given more. In my experience I asked the LORD to give me a full time ministry of evangelism. I have spent many hours ministering to Prison inmates with Mike Barber and others. This gives me great joy and fulfillment, but it is not my first calling. My first calling is to earn money to fund the kingdom of God. So once I received this revelation I began to give my business back to God so that He could use it as a fountainhead of financial blessing. And guess what? My business is now among the top in my industry with no end of His blessing in sight.

In conclusion, let's use our businesses to evangelize the world, starting in our local church. Businessmen, call your pastor today and tell him that you are ready to receive a new vision of what your business can do to help him share the gospel. Begin to tithe on the gross income of your business and watch God enlarge your tent. We are on the threshold of a massive revival that will require more of each one of us. Are you ready? I sure am!

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