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What is the best investment that you can make today, given that we are living the last days? Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, gold, silver, ... corn? The answer is all of the above, if you can afford it. The Bible speaks to us about investing many times in the Proverbs. Solomon was a man of great wisdom, both in spiritual insight and in the ways of this world.

Ecclesiastes 1 1: 1-2 is my favorite verse dealing with investment strategy particularly in troubled times like we are facing right now. It says, "Cast your bread on the water, divide your portions to 7 or 8 for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land." I would actually suggest that you memorize this key verse, before you embark on an investment strategy. Here's why...

Almost every investment counselor that you speak with is a victim of his/her training. Training that rarely includes the Word of God and always includes the ungodly principles that have gotten us into the debt-bondage that our nation is facing today. So, who should you call? A Christian investment advisor? Well, my experience is that while the Christian investment advisor will praise the Lord with you, he/she may still have pockets of ignorance when it comes to the subject of godly investment strategies. So now what?

Here's an idea: Search out the scriptures and see if your advisor is in line with the Word of God. You may find that they are giving you godly advice, even though they have not accepted Christ. Or you might be surprised to learn that a Christian advisor is well intentioned, but off the mark. Back to our text in Ecclesiastes. The key to a godly investment strategy is DIVERSIFICATION. That is, to spread your resource around in at least 7 to 8 different areas. Why? NO ONE KNOWS what is going to happen because our nation has abandoned the solid foundation of our biblical heritage. How can anyone plan for their golden years when the very basis of our money system is debt? How can a family plan for a college education for their children when the costs just keep skyrocketing faster than any investment can appreciate as a result of an inflationary currency?

There is no simple solution to the question of end times investing, but here are a few tips:

1. Keep your powder safe. Always begin with the safest investment, cash, or cash equivalents (like gold). Everyone reading this report should have a goal of having at least 6 months of reserve capital immediately available for any emergency that might arise.

2. Start investing small. Don't expect to get rich quick, J. Paul Getty amassed a fortune with one principle in mind, "I'm more concerned with the return OF my money than the return ON my money."

3. Shun debt-based investments that require more debt to pay off. Today we are approaching the biggest debt explosion in recorded history and you don't want to have your money trapped in the system when it unravels.

4. Seek out tangible assets. Gold, silver, land and cattle are all biblically correct investments because they have substance. They maintain a store of value over time and they offer an instant liquidity.

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