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Imagine with me that we could create the ideal money system, using only the Bible and the constitution as our source... What would it look like? Would it consist of paper money, electronic credit/debt money, OR silver and gold money?

Today, we are witnessing the END of a monetary age. Economists have already announced to the media the decline (and soon death) of paper money. Credit card companies, like MasterCard, are now boldly proclaiming that THEY are "The Money of the Future." While it's true that they offer convenience, near universal acceptance, and simple accounting, there is another element still missing from both paper currency AND credit/debit cards -- Neither offer ANY long term STORE of VALUE.

Even the newest "SmartCards" (to be offered in the US within a year) will also fail at maintaining your buying power.In the future, money may take on a new form but, without a store of value, without substance, and still buy less over time. This loss of buying power is called inflation -- and economists acknowledge that today it's crushing the middle class in America.

The government and mass media want you to believe that inflation is under control and nearly dead. DON'T believe it! Government inflation numbers are not trustworthy because they don't accurately reflect real cost of living increases. An ideal money system must offer protection from the inflationary risks resulting from politicians, bankers, and financial market "bubbles." Before we take the final leap of faith into a 100% cashless society, let's look to the Bible, the Constitution, and history for a solution to inflation.

History teaches us that every paper currency eventually returns to its TRUE value, ZERO! Yet, never once in history has silver or gold ever been discarded as worthless.(Keep in mind that a 100 % silver and gold-backed money system did work in this nation, as recently as 100 years ago.During this "golden era," our money maintained its value, in fact, in it actually increased in value!).

Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, GOLD has always emerged as the spontaneous preference of truly free markets because politicians and bankers simply cannot print gold. HOW can we reverse the hundred-year trend that has pushed money away from being a valuable, physical commodity to becoming 100% valueless? I have a few suggestions:

1. Start by studying God's best design for a money system of using silver and gold (I've found over 783 verses from Genesis to Revelation discussing silver, gold, and money.)

2. Then reread Art. 1 Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution.It states our Founding Fathersí best design for a silver and gold money system..

3. Expect a silver and gold-backed money system to re-emerge on the Internet. Technology is now opening new doors for a privately administered money system to emerge that will successfully compete with both paper and credit systems.

4. Place some silver or gold coins in your hand and you'll discover why it is true wealth. It has substance!

Remember: True wealth is ALWAYS based on substance, NOT symbolism.

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