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Imagine looking over the classified for job and reading "Help wanted: Christians need not apply" Would you be shocked? Would you scream "discrimination?" Undoubtedly, and you would probably be right. As a business owner, I must confess, that I have at times, felt like writing such an ad myself. Over the last 15 years in business I have seen and heard it all. Today, only hire people willing to live by their word on the job. Here's why:

1.  Too many Christians are lazy, preoccupied with heaven or "ministry," or are just all talk and no productivity.  This is a great discredit to the gospel because God is a hard worker Himself.

2.  If Christians are to demonstrate God's business model in the marketplace we must:
        1.  Exhibit integrity -- the alignment of our word and deeds.  Unbelievers can smell a  hypocrite quickly.  Accountability and submission (even if your boss is wrong) will  speak volumes of the power of God functioning in your life.
        2.  Have a strong work ethic.  Whatever you do, do it unto the Lord and give it 100%.
Want to be great at work?  Serve.
3. Pray for your boss.  Thos in authority need our quiet prayers
      prayer. Workers with integrity and a strong work ethic, who know how to pray through
      problems are in short supply, so there is virtually no competition.  Sound like you?
4.  Five areas EVERY Christian will give an account to God regarding stewardship:
    1. Our physical body (health, morality)
    2. Our conscience (clear, true to self)
    3. Our relationships (family, friends, strangers)
    4. Our talents (skills, creativity)
    5. Our possessions (assets, property)


When we begin to walk in these truths, who knows, perhaps one day we'll read a newspaper ad that says “Help Wanted:  Only Committed Christians Need Apply.”

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