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In response to the thousands of requests for a brief overview of the biblical and constitutional mandates that deal with our monetary system, I have prepared this special report. It has also been formatted into short features that will air on national television in the fall. I hope they help sort out truth from fiction.

I am often asked how I became interested in biblical economics and the relationship to gold and silver. It started when I was a kid collecting coins. In 1963, I heard that our coinage was going to change the following year and thought that I should buy all of the older coins I could afford. Who knows, they might be more valuable in the future, right? I must admit that I had no idea that our money was soon to be 100% debt-based, but I did know that gold and silver coins would always have a special value to someone.

Eventually, I started a business trading gold and silver coins and began growing in my understanding of Christian economics by reading the Bible and interviewing top Christian leaders who understand money, on a national radio program. I've interviewed men such as Dr. John Avangini, Dr. Ed Cole, R.E. McMaster Jr., Larry Burkett, and scores of others. I was struck by the unanimous consensus that our money system was based on a deceptive debt standard.

Surprisingly, most pastors, teachers, and evangelists seem unaware that it is the job of Christians to call our economic and government leaders into accountability. So, over the last ten years I have made this one of my top priorities . .. to help educate Christians on the truth about money, from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

Economics is like a window into our soul. If that window is dirty it is difficult for the light of God to shine in on this subject. Long ago I learned that there is more to Christian stewardship than merely giving a big offering. God wants to wash our minds with His word on every subject that we can imagine -- including economics. Unfortunately, as the wise Arkansas hillbilly once said: "It ain't so much of not knowing, as it is knowing what ain't so."

If I have any lasting contribution to my generation I want it to be said that Craig Smith fought for honest money with everything he had. You may not be very interested in restoring honest money, or seeing government reform, but at the very least, you owe it to yourself and your family to protect them from a coming economic earthquake by knowing the basics. Consider True Wealth to be the ultimate and authentic economics 101 course which will teach you as much as you want (and need) to learn.

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